Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Sewing - Adjustable Bat Garland

Last year I had so many ideas of things I wanted to make for Halloween - and ran out of time.  So this year, I'm starting now!  This bat garland is adjustable because it uses Velcro to hook the bats together.  If you're like me and keep changing where you hang garlands, this can come in handy!

*black, purple, pink, and white felt
*black Velcro
*a small amount of fiberfill
*googly eyes
*felt glue
*black and silver sewing thread
*patterns found here

1.  Cut out two bats, one nose, and one tummy for each bat.  Using the white felt, cut out two triangles per bat for teeth.  Using a small amount of fiberfill, put fiberfill underneath the tummy and pin as shown on one of the bat pieces.

2.  Sew around the edges of the tummy.

3.  Pin bat front to bat back, pinning through each point, as below.

4.  Sew around the outside, pivoting at the points.

5.  Glue googly eyes, nose, and teeth as shown below.

6.  When glue is dry, use silver threat to sew lines in the wings, going over each wing twice.

7.  Turn bat over so that the wrong side is up.  Glue or sew two pieces of Velcro as shown below - I used white only as an example so it would show up, but black looks better.

8.  Hook Velcro on one bat's wings together and put the next bat's tab through, hooking the Velcro so they are "holding hands."

9.  Continue linking bats together until the garland is the length you want.  I have five, but I think I need more bats!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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