Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Inspiration - Fall Quilting

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love it when I'm in Phoenix - the mornings and evenings get cooler and the days feel like the best summer day up north!  Not really any good leaf color, though.  To see more than the little bit we get in November, I have to travel.  And lucky for me I have sons in the Northwest and the Northeast - both areas are beautiful in the fall!  I took the photo to the left last November in New Hampshire and planned on using it as inspiration for a quilt.  Hmmm ... later, I guess!

I did some net searching, though, and found three gorgeous autumn inspired quilts that also might inspire you. 

Sally Wright's Autumn Aspen captures one of my favorite fall scenes - brightly colored leaves against the amazing cyan blue autumn sky. Her leaves are thousands of slivers of fabric underneath layers of tulle - read here to find out how she made it and what inspired her.  Sally has many more beautiful quilts on her website.

Diane Evans also captures the contrast of sky and colored leaves with Autumn in New York.  And her free motion quilting makes me think of those autumn winds that swirl the leaves around!  There's beautiful contrast of color and texture in this quilt.  Diane talks about her work in her blog.

I have a favorite nature park I love to walk in all year, but especially in autumn.  Juanita Sauve's Autumn in Stony Swamp brings me right there - the smells, the falling leaves, the autumn sunlight filtering through the trees!  Be sure to look at her website - more beautiful quilts inspired by nature.

Happy Creating and Happy Autumn!  Deborah

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