Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's Not Looking A Lot Like Oregon .....

The weather around here has been getting progressively snowier ever since we entered December!  While this is usual for many places, it isn't so much for our area of NW Oregon.  Yes, we do get a snow storm or two each winter - usually one day affairs of an inch or so that goes away after a nice day off from school and work.  Not this year.  And it appears we're not done yet!

So I've been doing a lot of knitting!  The snow's made it hard to drive the 50 miles to the nearest fabric store for supplies, so there hasn't been much Christmas crafting.  And that combined with my computer deciding that half of the keys on its keyboard will no longer work has meant not many posts have been getting out.  I do have a hat pattern almost ready to publish and just finished a wonderfully warm, squishy item I'll have to wait until January to tell you about since it's a gift for a family member.

So I'll just snuggle in by the fire and continue knitting, while awaiting the next addition to our snow piles!

Happy Creating!  Deborah