Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Inspiration: The Art of Caitlin T. McCormack

As we head into the Halloween month of October, I have a fun artist for you to check out!  Caitlin T. McCormack's crochet animal skeletons are painstakingly worked with small hooks and thin cotton thread.  And while the fine details are amazing, it's her placement of the pieces in her sculptures that mesmerizes me - there is so much motion and energy!

Photograph by Jason Chen

In this Make interview from earlier this year, Caitlin talks about her process, inspirations, and how she first began working with crochet in this way.

Photograph by Caitlin T. McCormack

Be sure to check out her website here for more amazing pieces.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What I Did On My Summer Vacation .....

When you last heard from me, I was wrapping up the sale of our Arizona house and moving everything to Oregon.  We hoped the studio would be finished by then so that all of the boxes destined for it could simply be unloaded from the truck directly into it .... nope!  So everything went into the garage and shop until our late August move-in day.  And after a month of unpacking, arranging, and figuring out storage, progress is being made!  I've decided some additional cabinetry work needs to be done before I have the studio's coming out party, but I do have some sneak peek photos.

With everything unpacked, I'm back at work on all the plans that had to be on hold over the summer!  And on some new ideas from what's been inspiring me lately!

Happy Creating!  Deborah