Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Project - Enhanced Shibori

I've been wanting to try painting dyes onto some of the test squares from my kumo shibori dying ... 

... so I decided to start with Setasilk.  I laid the squares on pieces of paper toweling, hoping that would soak up some of the extra dye and help it from spreading too much.  Seemed to work!

With this first one, I painted the Setasilk on straight from the bottle.  It gave a nice, bright color, but pretty much covered up all of the indigo design below.

I used my black Sakura pen to draw in some of the lines I could barely see and to add a few extra in - I like the way this turned out!

So for the next test, I diluted the Setasilk with water - because I was only using a little bit of the dye, by the time I added a few drops of water it ended being around a 50/50 dilution.

I like how the diluted dye let the indigo show through - it might be a little too diluted though.  Next I think I'll try a little less water or maybe thickened procion dyes to give a little more color punch.  I definitely see possibilities with this technique, though!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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