Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Inspiration - Interesting Felt Art

It had been awhile since I spent time searching for felt art, so I decided to do just that yesterday afternoon .... and found some pretty amazing pieces!

Okay - I have quite a few food allergies so most ready made food is out for me.  That's probably why I love felt food - especially desserts!  Just the cover of this Japanese craft book has me hooked.  And these croissants ...... they're all made by needle felting.  The book's ISBN is 978-4-529-004415-8 and is titled "Wool Felt Sweets." 

A lot of my work is inspired by nature and I love the felted dress designs by Horst Couture.  This one is titled Avocado and reminds me of trees in a forest - the really old kind with long, twisted roots.  Their website has lots of other designs that are fun to look at!

And while I'm really not sure yet how one would go about making something like this, there may be a cat cave in my cat's future!  This one is the creation of the German artist Dornroeschen Filzunikate.  She has this cat cave and others for sale on this website.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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