Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Refashioning - Dyeing

One of the simplest ways to refashion fabric items is to dye them - one of my favorite things to do!  These pieces all began as plain white finds from Goodwill.  I forgot to take before pictures - just imagine them white!  I used fiber reactive Procion Dyes (I order them from Dharma Trading Company) and these instructions.

I used Kingfisher Blue for this shirt.  It dyes a nice chambray color - and this shirt has little white dots that didn't pick up the dye as well, so it has some nice contrast.

This is a thicker cotton knit fabric cardigan that I dyed with Plum and then changed the buttons out to my favorite pearl ones.  Oddly enough I end up wearing cardigans more in the summer in Phoenix than the winter!  Most places around here are air conditioned to arctic frigid.

This gorgeous tablecloth was on a $1 close out - granted, it did look pretty plain in white.  I dyed it with a mixture of 3 parts Peach and 1 part Terracotta and did not leave it in the dye for the full amount of time - I just kept an eye on it until it got a little darker than what I wanted.  It has a beautiful handmade look - it's machine made, though!

After a short break from the rainbow washcloths I'm back working on them!  Next week I'll have the second to last one.

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. Never thought of doing that. Does it have to be cotton to take the dye?

  2. The Procion Dyes work on natural fibers - cotton, rayon, and hemp all dye beautifully with it.