Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Inspiration - Refashioning Sweaters

One more batch of refashioning and then I'm moving on!  I have a whole pile of wool sweaters that have been washed and felted and are just waiting to become something new.  Here are some interesting uses for old sweaters I've come across in my searching:

I love this fish from Betz White!  I can envision a whole school of them!  See her work here.

Prudent Baby has a tutorial on baby pants made from old sweaters here.  These are darling!  I have some sweaters sitting here that would make very unique baby pants ....

There are quite a few sweater quilts around but this lap quilt from Fiberlicious has one of the best designs I've seen.  This would work great with textured sweaters.  See how she did it here.

And there's always Kitty Wales' sweater dogs!  She deconstructs recycled sweaters and attaches them to a frame.  

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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