Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dove Applique Pillow

Pillow number two is done!  We'll see if pillows number three and four follow or are off until next year!  

Materials: *two pieces of plaid fabric:  one that is 22 by 22 inches and one that is 22 by 23 inches *small piece of white faux suede material
*small piece of green faux suede material *size 5 ecru perle embroidery cotton
*size 8 red perle embroidery cotton
*22 inch invisible zipper
*20 inch pillow form 
*pattern found here

1.  Print off the patterns (print in landscape) and cut out.  Cut one dove from the white fabric and two holly leaves from the green.  Lay the pieces out on the 22 x 22 inch piece of fabric.  Remove the dove and pin on the leaves. 

2.   Attach the leaves using a blanket stitch and the ecru cotton.  Sew a center line on each leave using a running stitch.

3. Pin dove with beak just over leaves and sew in place with ecru cotton using a blanket stitch.  Sew the bottom of the wing in a running stitch.  Add three stitches for the eye.

4.  To embroidery berries, use red cotton.  Using an outline stitch, make one stitch where you want the center of the berry to be.  Then sew around that stitch (still using an outline stitch) in an expanding spiral until the berry is the size you want it to be.

5. See this post for how to insert the zipper, sew the front to the back, and finish.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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