Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Tree Applique

If you need a last minute holiday outfit, this Christmas tree applique works up really quickly, but doesn't look like it!  I put it on a knit dress for little c - it'd look great on a sweatshirt or tee, also.

*piece of clothing
*small amount of faux suede in green and red
*small amount of scrap fabric
*Steam-a-Seam II Lite - optional
*embroidery floss or size 8 perle cotton
*sequin star and two beads
*wash proof glue - I like Aleene's Jewel-It
*pattern found here - print it out in landscape

1.  Print out pattern and use to cut out a tree from the scrap fabric.  You can either pin it on or use Steam-a-Seam to attach it.  I like using the Steam-a-Seam on jersey fabric - it helps stabilize it a bit.

2.  Sew around the edges of the tree using a blanket stitch.

3.  Attach the star with two beads - bring the needle up through the fabric and the star, through both beads and back down through the bottom bead, the star and the fabric.

4.  Attach the gems using a washable glue.  If your fabric is on the thinner side, first put a piece of waxed paper inside to protect the back from any glue that may seep through.  Let dry overnight before moving it.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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