Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Transferring Embroidery Patterns

I've been looking for quite awhile for an easy way to transfer embroidery patterns onto the fabric I'm working on and I may have finally found it!  I get sore fingers from pressing through the transfer papers and the iron-on pens I tried haven't worked - until now. 

I've been working on a bread cloth and while looking for my transfer paper came across a Sulky pen I picked up at Joann's awhile ago.  I never gave it a test and didn't have high hopes .... but when I tried it, it actually worked!  And worked quite well.

To get it started, press down on a piece of scrap paper (as directed) - and be prepared for a flood of ink.  Next time I'll press a little lighter.  I also suggest drawing a few lines on scrap paper as it kept flooding out strongly for awhile.  My other suggestion is to press lightly when tracing the embroidery design - it helps the lines be a little lighter and thinner.  The instructions say that more then one copy can be made from one tracing, but I didn't find that to be so.

So now I'm on to embroidering!  More on that Monday ...

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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  1. Thank you very much for the insight. I was wondering how this worked and all. looking fwd to seeing your end project too.