Monday, April 29, 2013

Bread Cloth Part III - Embroidering the Designs

A couple Fridays ago, I posted on embroidery inspirations.  One of the sites I linked to is one I love to browse Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread and if you went there you may have noticed that she's working on a Mission Rose project.  Being currently hooked on Arts and Crafts/Craftsman/Mission style work, I knew this was what I wanted on my bread cloth! I did a modified version of it.

*bread cloth (see here for pattern and here for crochet edging)
*embroidery floss - I used DMC #'s a medium coral orange (3776), a pinker coral orange (3778), a lighter yelllow (743), a lighter sage green (sorry - forgot to put my number on the card), a darker sage green (3345), brown (300), and cream (739)
*embroidery needle
*Mary Corbet's Mission Rose pattern
*Rose petal pattern (you may need to adjust the size before you print it out)

To see more about what I used to transfer the design, see this past post.

1.  Transfer the Mission Rose pattern to two of the bread cloth points.  I used an outline stitch and three strands of floss throughout this project.  First embroider the center of the rose in cream, then the inner petals in yellow.  Next embroider the outer petals and the rose bud in the pinker coral.

2.  Next, embroider the foilage shown below in the lighter sage green.

3.  Embroider the rest of the foilage in the darker sage green.

4.  Embroider the curlicues, pointy rose petals, and the inner outline in coral.

5.  Embroider the outer outline in brown.

6.  Use cream to make the french knots next to the curlicues.

7.  Transfer the rose bud pattern to the remaining two bread cloth points.

8.  Embroider the bud in the pinker coral and the foilage as shown below in the lighter and darker sage greens.

And you're done!

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. Ohhh is finished, looks very cute!I want to make one like it for me, I'll tell you ...
    I'm learning to embroider with Red Browlly!
    I invite you to see my progress in

  2. It turned out so lovely. :-) Have a nice week. Regula