Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Inspiration - Rugs!

I really don't need anything more to put on my "learn how to make" list, however ..... I've been looking for rugs and having a hard time finding nicely made ones that won't take a second mortgage or that don't look, well .... ordinary or cheesy.  So off I went searching out what different types of handmade rugs there are!

And The Day Came

I've always been fascinated with hooked rugs and Canadian artist Wanda Kerr is inspiring me to give them a try.  I'm not fond of the folksy hooked rug look and hers couldn't be further from that - they're works of art that are created by hooking!  And The Day Came is just one gorgeous example from her gallery.  She also teaches classes if you live near Wiarton, Ontario - but even better, she teaches online classes

If you're an avid needlepoint-er, you probably know about Beth Russell.  She sells books and kits with beautiful and often intricate needlepoint designs, some of which can be made into rugs with the right yarns and canvases.  I love her rug based on a William Morris cotton chintz design.  Needlepoint tends to take me a very long time to finish.  If I started a rug, I just might get it done by the turn of the next century!  Although it'll take some pretty amazing medical advances to give me the time to finish it.  Her designs are still gorgeous!

So, on a more realistic note, I found a couple of interesting crocheted rugs I think I'll give a try.  The first was made by a Russian designer (I think her website's in Russian) named Olga.  Don't panic when you can't read the instructions - she has a very nice picture tutorial!  I like the look of the heavier thread with the recycled t-shirt yarn.  The right colors and this could look very classy.

And this gorgeous rug from Tuts+ Hub is actually also crocheted from recycled t-shirt yarn.  I was amazed when I saw that!  I'm seeing one of these in the bathroom and maybe on each side of the bed.  If your decor goes toward bright, it'd look great as a colorful mandala!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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