Monday, April 22, 2013

Bread Cloth Part II - Crocheted Edging

Here's Part II of the bread cloth I'm working on!  See Part I here.

*size 20 crochet thread
*size 9 steel crochet hook
*sewing needle

1.  Attach crochet thread and chain 1.  Single crochet in each blanket stitch all the way around, making three single stitches at the point of each arm.

2.  Slip stitch to first single crochet.  Chain 5, skip 2 single crochets and slip stitch in the 3rd stitch.  Repeat all the way around.  Make sure you make a slip stitch at the point of each arm - you may have to adjust the chain size on either side to make this work.

3.  Oops!  I got moving too fast and forgot to take a picture of the next row, but it's pretty simple - you're just adding another row of chain 5's.  Chain 5 and attach to the next chain five space on the previous row with a slip stitch.  Repeat to the end and slip stitch to first stitch.

4.  Chain 3 (counts as your first double crochet).  Double crochet three times in the first chain 5 space.  Slip stitch in the next chain 5 space.  *Crochet 5 double crochets in the next chain 5 space and slip stitch in the following chain 5 space.*  Repeat between stars until you come to the chain 5 space before a point.  Crochet 5 double crochets in the next three chain 5 spaces and then continue in the same pattern as before until you reach the next point.  Depending on how many chain 5 spaces you have, you may need to do a little adjusting to make sure you have the three spaces in a row where you do 5 double crochets line up on the point and the chain 5 space on either side of the point.  I worked an extra slip stitch, 5 double crochets in a chain 5 space when I needed to get everything lined up right.

If you don't want to add embroidery, you're done!  I'm off to start embroidering, though!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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