Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Sewing - Fabric Pillow Boxes

Hmmm ... this year I still seem to be sewing like crazy trying to get everything finished before Christmas.  Some years I actually finish before Thanksgiving!  I am slowly making headway, though, and love seeing the pile of finished wrapped presents growing.  This year I decided to come up with wrapping that uses fabric in some way and can be reused by the person getting the gift, which did add a bit to the sewing list, however they look so nice!  These fabric pillow boxes are a nice way to wrap gift cards, money, small presents .... and a great way to use small pieces of fabric stashes!  Between these, the gift bags, and bogaji wraps, all my presents are getting covered!  I used the pillow box template from

*8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of fabric
*Size 5 perle cotton embroidery floss
*Steam a Seam 2
*1 sheet cardstock
*4 feet of ribbon
*Tacky glue
*pattern found here

1.  Print off one pillow box template.  Cut an 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of Steam a Seam 2, remove backing from one side, and press onto the back side of the template.

2.  Remove second piece of backing fabric and iron onto the back side of piece of fabric.

3.  Cut out pillow box.

4.  Sew along fold lines.

5.  Lay ribbon across the box so it covers the semi-circle indentations.  Sew the ribbon on in the middle - I sewed it on in a square.

6.  Using perle cotton and a blanket stitch, finish edges except for the edge with the turn down.

7.  Fold box along stitching lines.

8.  Glue folded down edge ...

9.  ... and clothes pin to the opposite edge.

10.  When dry, tie in a bow and trim ends.

Happy Creating!!  Deborah


  1. These are really cute! I've seen them made out of paper and making them this way with fabric is great.

    I have 2 non-post related comments:
    1. Your ideas are wonderful and so creative. I really enjoy seeing what you come up with.

    2. Could you possibly have a place on your blog where we can see your past header photos? I've loved every one of them and am so happy to see the latest one, yet a bit disappointed that the previous one is gone. I loved your autumn leaves header background... as well as all of the others!

  2. Thank you!! I'll work at putting up a page with past header photos - look for the link at the top.