Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Sewing - Quick Last Minute Gifts

If you're in need of a quick to make handmade gift or stocking stuffer before Christmas, I put together a few from this year's blog posts that might work.  Also, check out the review from 2010 I posted last year!

If you have a needlework enthusiast on your list, one of these mini needle books just might work.  And if the cloud's not your cup of tea, substitute any shape.

I made this lined fabric scarf from repurposed Goodwill clothing, but any fabric will work.  It's very quick!

If a crocheted scarf is more of what you're looking for, I posted this wave pattern scarf I developed for the Special Olympics scarves. 

These crocheted flowers/leaves go together real quick for a nice flower pin.  Make the flowers, sew the small to the large, attach two leaves, add center beads, and sew on a pin backing.  This was the most viewed post this year!

Or crochet a flower face cloth in the person's favorite flower colors.

A trip to the thrift store should turn up a sports T-shirt that can be turned into a game day bag for the sports fans on your list.  Or use any interesting tee you find to make a great re-usable shopping bag.

For readers, these winter bookmarks go together quickly.

Same with these felt robins for your bird loving friends!

And for the kids:

a hand towel bib,

crocheted doll hat and sweater or sewn doll clothes,

a bean bag felt snowman (or lady),

or an apron for the toddler who loves art or "helping" with the cooking!  One reader made this in thin plastic as an art apron and said it turned out really well.

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. I want a helper apron of my own!

  2. I know - I love the toddler pattern! I'll have to see what I can do for an adult version.