Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Project - Christmas Tree Embroidery Pattern

Here's a quick Christmas tree embroidery pattern that would look good on quite a few different things - I'm making a set of napkins with it!

*something to embroider - I'm using hand stitched napkins, see this past post for a tutorial
*transfer paper
*red, green, brown, and golden yellow embroidery floss
*pattern found here

1.  Transfer embroidery pattern to fabric (if you're new to this or need a refresher, see the Halloween embroidery patterns here).  Using 3 strands of green floss and an outline stitch, sew up the trunk of the tree from the bottom branches up.

2.  Embroidery an outline stitch on the first branch and add needles.

3.  Repeat with all the other branches.

4.  Use 6 strands of brown to make the trunk by embroidering an outline stitch up and back.  Use 3 strands of golden yellow to outline the star and 3 strands of red to make french knot (4 wraps) ornaments.

5.  Embroider the pot with 3 strands of red and an outline stitch.

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. I love your tree -- do you mind if I pin it?

    1. No problem as long as it links back to the tutorial!