Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Project - Lion Cotton/Hemp Yarn

When I read about the new Lion Brand cotton/hemp blend yarn, I ran up to the store and bought some to test out!  I love the feel of hemp fabric and the way it picks up Procion dyes so wonderfully - it'd be great to have a yarn like that.

I bought three colors and crocheted a dishcloth using the pattern I developed here.  I started with the cream color for the beginning chain and the first two rows, went to the brown for two rows, and then the orange for two rows.  I repeated that pattern for rows 7 through 18 and ended with two more rows of cream.  For the edging, I used brown.

This dishcloth turned out very, very soft and nice and absorbent.  The yarn would be great for baby clothes and anywhere else you want a soft hand.  Before washing, the dishcloth measured 13 by 13 inches and after washing and drying in the dryer it was 11 by 11 inches.  Not a problem for dishcloths, but something to keep in mind when making something that needs specific dimensions.

I plan on working up some new patterns using this, so stay tuned!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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