Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Project - Halloween Embroidery, Part 1

I've really been enjoying embroidery lately - I seem to change back and forth between whether crochet or embroidery is the most relaxing.  I've also been thinking about making cloth napkins.  They just seem more elegant than paper!  I don't know if the bottom line of paper vs. cloth turns out to be more economical or green when you consider you have to wash, dry, and possibly iron the cloth napkins, but sometimes being more elegant wins out.

These four Halloween patterns can be used on anything - napkins, kids' clothing, .....  If you'd like to make napkins with yours, I have the patterns for you today and on Wednesday I'll show you how to make embroidered napkins with nicely mitered edges (easier than people think).

*embroidery floss
*fabric to embroider on
*patterns available here

1.  Print the patterns off and cut out.  If you're making napkins (I make them 13 inches square so they turn out 12 inches square after the hems are put in), cut on the lines provided.  If you're embroidering on something else, you can just cut around the pattern.

2.  Lay the pattern on your fabric with a piece of embroidery transfer paper sandwiched in between the fabric and the pattern.  Using a ballpoint pen, trace over the lines several times, pressing hard.  Before you lift the pattern and transfer paper up, peek underneath and check to see the lines have transferred.

3.  I like to go over the lines with pencil.  It helps you see the lines better, especially after they've been brushed over with your hand several times when you're embroidering.

4.  You can chose any colors of thread you want, but this is how I embroidered the patterns (2 strands of floss throughout):

Bats - outline stitch, lazy daisy for the eyes.

Pumpkin - outline stitch throughout.

Calavera - outline stitch, lazy daisy for the petals.  For the flowers, when transferring the design, I just mark a dot for where the center will be and then make petals around it.  Use french knots with 4 wraps for the centers.

Ghost - I made two outlines, one in white and one in green just to the outside of it.

On Wednesday, I'll have a tutorial on an easy way to make napkins.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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