Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Inspiration - Close Proximity

If you're in the Tempe, AZ area, Arizona State University's Fall BFA Exhibition, Close Proximity, is at the Gallery 100 through October 21.  This semester's exhibit has work by soon to be graduates in Painting, Ceramics, and Fibers.  Since the two fiber artists are in the printed textile class I'm taking, I thought I'd show you a little teaser of their work.  There's lots more there than these pieces, so be sure to go if you can!

Adia Olguin's work looks at her family relationships and herself.  I don't have any of her screen printed pieces here, but they're a wonderful exploration of her identity coming from the identities of her mother and father.  The dolls have several layers of meaning - I'm still seeing new ones.

Evolution According to MEN, 2010.  Handwoven fabrics, vintage dolls and doll parts, African mahogany.

Diary is fascinating - I spent a long time looking at and reading the pages.  Most of each page has been cut away and the silk paintings added in, but some words and sentences were left.

Diary, 2010.  Silk paintings on raw silk over handwoven fabric, repurposed book.

Rachel Hearn often works with 3-D sculptural pieces.  I got to see the printing process Balance went through, but missed the pieces being formed over the reeds.  I had to take two shots to get all the parts to this piece in.

Balance, 2011.  Cotton, silk, reed, wool.
I love how the loom Tension was woven on became part of the art work itself.

Tension, 2010.  Hand-spun bamboo fiber, wood, metal.

Gallery 100 is located on in Tempe Center on the corner of Mill and University (it's at the far south part of the center).  Hours are Monday - Thursday noon - 5 pm and Friday noon - 3 pm.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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