Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Inspiration - Crochet Art

Every once in awhile I surf for crochet fiber art - it's hard to find, but usually worth it when I find some!  This time I discovered three very interesting (and very different) artists.

Endless Night, 2008.  Crocheted yarn, indigo, garden trellis, ribbon.

Josh Faught is a textiles professor at California College of the Arts and recently had a solo exhibition at the Lisa-Cooley Gallery in New York City.  I especially love this piece.  To me it plays off the idea of crochet as the medium of so many grandmothers' (maybe great-grandmothers' these days) curtains, but takes it into a more modern theme.  It's not just the curtains - it also makes me think of looking out into the night and wondering what's there.  Interesting!  See more of his work from the exhibition here and read about Josh here.

I'm always fascinated by using yarn to "paint" a picture as in the work above and as in Caroline Routh's work.  I've tried tapestry crochet before and didn't have the patience at that time to get better at it - it's not a quick art to master!  I especially like the way Caroline uses vessels - bowl, vase, even shell forms.  Read more about her and see more pieces here.

Even if it wasn't almost Halloween, I'd love (and covet!) this table cloth crocheted by Icelandic artist Hildur Bjarnadottir.  I really enjoy art that uses a medium in a way that is almost opposite of what is more usual.  The lacy, old fashioned tablecloth with the totally unexpected skulls is wonderful!  Someday I have to figure out how to make one of these - not for art (it's been done), but just for my table!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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