Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunflower Embroidery

I'm still working with sunflowers!  I've put this one on a bread cloth - see this past post on making the cloth and this post for the crochet edging.

Embroidery floss:  3 shades of green, 3 shades of yellow, 3 shades of brown, periwinkle
Pattern  Print in landscape to get correct size

1.  Using an outline stitch, embroider the sunflower petals, the leaf outline, and the outer circle of the sunflower center.  Using one of the coordinating brown colors, embroider along every other line in the sunflower center.

2.  Embroider the remaining lines of the sunflower center with the third brown color and the center of the petals with a second yellow.

3.  Embroider the center line on the leaf with a second green color.  Using a fly stitch, embroider down the center line with the third green color.

4.  Using a fly stitch, embroider down the petals with the third yellow color.  Using the same color that you used to outline the sunflower center, put a french knot in each square in the center.

5.  Using a lazy daisy stitch, embroider the three periwinkle flowers.  Put a yellow french knot in the center of each.

And you're finished!

Happy Creating!  Deborah