Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Inspiration - Sunflower Art

I'm in the middle of a sunflower designing binge!  These are some of the artworks inspiring me in this:

Van Gogh, Twelve Sunflowers, 1888.  Oil on Canvas

Van Gogh painted several works of sunflowers, this one in oils in 1888.  Always one of my favorites!

This piece of ribbon embroidery by Julia Chaschihina is gorgeous!  I used silk ribbon a little in my recent moth piece and it's really not easy to get the ribbon to lay the way you want it to.

I really like the heavy embellishment on this quilt by Lynn Cohen and the way the petals escape over the edges.

The block background of these wonderfully dimensional sunflowers by quilting artist Terry Kramzar really adds interest.  And just look at all that texture!

And I love the traditional look and beautiful feather quilting on this quilt by Needlewings.

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. I love Van Gogh's Sunflower. And this is a beautiful collection of inspired pieces.

  2. What wonderful "sunflower" artwork. I haven't seen the ribbon work before except for some old faded pillows in antique stores. This example is charming.
    Nice Van Gogh inspired post.