Monday, August 5, 2013

2013 Christmas Ornaments - Part 1

I'm celebrating Christmas in August this week!  The first two ornaments for the year were inspired by our new farm in Oregon.  Much of it is in Douglas Fir and Cedar trees that I'm anticipating looking beautiful with coats of snow.  And the rest is in pastures that look perfect for sheep!  No sheep yet - there's lots of work to get ready for that, so for now this sheep will have to do.

*gray, black, dark green, sparkly white, brown, and golden yellow felt
*gray, black, brown, white, and green embroidery floss
*pearly white and translucent red seed beads
*10 inch pieces of ribbon for hanging loops
*patterns:  Snowy Christmas Tree and Christmas Sheep

Pattern  Instructions:  I can't get a PDF file to print to true size using my usual document sharing program, so for now I'm sharing the patterns as JPEG files.  When you click on the pattern link above, a page with the file will come up.  Under File in the upper left hand corner, choose Download.  Open or Save the file.  If you choose Open, when the file opens, go to Print in the upper left hand corner and choose Print.  On the next window that opens is a box that says "Fit picture to frame."  Make sure this box is not checked.  Also make sure you've chosen letter sized paper.  Now click Print and the pattern should print to true size.

Tree Ornament:

1.  Cut two tree outline shapes from dark green, one trunk from brown, one star from golden yellow, and the snow clumps from sparkly white.

2.  Cut the trunk extension off the front free outline.  Attach the brown trunk piece with a blanket stitch using three strands of brown floss.  Glue onto the tree.

3.  Attach the snowy clumps to the tree using three strands of white floss.

4.  Sew beads onto the snowy clumps.

5.  Attach the star with a couple of stitches at the bottom, using three strands of white floss.

6.  Attach the tree front to the tree back using three strands of white floss and catching the hanging ribbon in at the top.

Sheep Ornament:

1.  Cut the sheep outline shape, ears, feet, and face from black and the wool outline from gray.

2.  Attach the left ear and both legs to the sheep outline using three strands of gray floss.

3.  Using three strands of green floss, sew a wreath on the sheep's back with a feather stitch.  I began at the top by the neck, worked over to the rear end and then tied off the floss and began again near the neck for the bottom of the wreath, working to the rear end again.  Add red beads.

4.  Attach wool to sheep outline using three strands of black floss and attaching hanging ribbon between the wool and outline shape.

5.  Attach right ear using three strands of gray floss.

6.  Make two french knot eyes on face using six strands of gray floss.

7.  Attach face with three strands of black floss.

Christmas in August continues all week - see you Wednesday!

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. Those are both just awesome. Can you tell me what each of the sizes of them should be? In looking at the printout in my picture program (Corel Paint Shop Pro X3), it shows each of the pattern pages will print on my paper in a size 5x7 size on the paper. I'm not sure how small that would make each pattern piece on those printouts however as I did not print them out. If we knew what size each of the ornaments were when finished, that would help us know if we are printing the correct sizes.

    Thank you for such adorable ornaments

  2. Oh dear ... I'm working on some way to get a better way to get patterns on my site! Everything worked fine until Google Docs changed to Google Drive.

    So ... the patterns should print out on a letter size page, not 5 x 7. But if you can get them to print out and then enlarge them, the sheep is about 3.5 inches from the left side of the ear to the rear end. The pine tree is about 4 5/8 inches from the tip of the star to the bottom of the trunk.

    I really appreciate everyone's patience on this!! And if anyone has a good pdf sharing site, I'm open to suggestions!

  3. Thanks for the patterns! The beads are such a great touch. enJOYed