Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 Felt Ornaments - Part 2

The last two felt Christmas ornaments for this year are a frosted gingerbread cookie and a peace dove.  The first two ornaments are here.

*felt - white, light blue, olive green, brown, tan, and a small bit of red
*embroidery floss - white, green, brown, tan, red
*small craft buttons - 2 black, 1 navy, and 3 red
*12 inches each of white and green 1/4 or 1/8 inch ribbon
*patterns for Frosted Gingerbread Man
*patterns for Peace Dove

1.  Cut two bodies from tan felt, one icing from white, and one bow tie from red.  Pin the icing to one of the body pieces and attach using a blanket stitch and two strands of white floss.  Sew the bow tie on in the same way with red floss and then sew an X in the middle of it.

2.  Sew two black buttons on for eyes and three red buttons on as shown.

3.  Pin on the second body piece as backing, with the green ribbon attached in the center of the head.

4.  Attach back to front using a back stitch and two strands of tan floss.  Tie a knot close to the gingerbread man's head.

For the peace dove:

1.  Cut two body pieces from white felt, one bottom wing from light blue, one branch from brown, and one of each numbered leaves from olive green.  Attach the bottom wing to the dove body.  Sew into place with two strands of white floss, sewing only the portion shown below.

2.  Attach the top wing in the same way.

3.  Pin branch to the dove body as shown.  Sew the branch parts with a blanket stitch and two strands of brown floss.  Attach the leaves with short stitches.

4.  Sew leaves on top of the branch matching the leaf number to the number on the branch piece.  I recommend cutting and then sewing one leaf at a time so you can keep track of where they go.  On leaf 1 and leaf 3, sew only the portions that are not on the edges.  On all leaves, sew a running stitch down the center.

5.  With a pencil, lightly draw a scallop design on the wing as shown below.  Use 6 strands of white floss and sew over the lines with an outline stitch.

6.  Pin front to back, attaching white ribbon at the point where the wing meets the head.

7.  Sew front to back with two strands of embroidery floss and a blanket stitch - use green for the portion from the beak through leaf 3 and white for the rest.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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