Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Inspiration - Ornaments as Art

I've always loved buying ornaments from artists and have quite a collection for our tree.  There's just something about a compact piece of art that is put away for most of the year and becomes special again when it's unpacked before Christmas!  So I've been thinking about fiber art ornaments - not the felted or fabric ones that I've made so far, but something that would be a work of art.  One of a kind, is meant to communicate something, and has more thought put into it.  Looking at what's out there, I found some great fiber art ornaments to share with you.

Doll and fibers artist Bobby Jo Free created this great elf ornament - he has personality galore!  She has some pretty amazing larger works on her website that are definitely worth taking a look at.  And the elf is for sale!

I'm fascinated with beading on fabric and am an admirer of fiber artist Lisa Binkley's beautiful work.  She made this ornament for her grandparents - see her website to read about it and how it was created.  And in case you didn't know, she teaches classes!  See her schedule here to check for one in your area.

If you've never seen Japanese temari, do a Google image search - you'll be in awe!  This is the art of thread wrapping soft balls in intricate geometric patterns.  I've always thought they'd make great ornaments!  This beautiful chrysanthemum temari was made by Jane of World Embroideries.  If you want to learn more about the art form, a good site to check out is here.

I love needle felting - well, more admiring the work of needle felting artists than pricking up my own fingers!  These gnomes from Laurel Lee Burch are fantastic!  Definitely visit her website and see the Santas - and when there you'll discover she has a detailed tutorial on making these pieces.  It looks like something I could tackle, so there will likely be needle felting in my near future.  Time to restock the bandaids!

I have some ideas for my own work of art ornaments - but they involve using a color printer and mine is currently out of commission.  Hopefully it will be replaced this weekend and I'll have something to show you on Monday!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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