Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Inspiration - Yarny Books!

It's not like I need another book having to do with yarn - I just gathered up various piles of them from around the house and tried to cram them into an overfull bookshelf.  However ..... these are probably going to make their way into my collection!

I've been playing around a bit with Tunisian crochet and have been about to the point where I think I'm ready for a bigger project - The New Tunisian Crochet looks like it'll be perfect!  I love Dora Orhenstein's designs - the one on the front cover looks like something I'll try and I can't wait to see the rest of the patterns!  The publish date is February 26, 2013.

After all the spinning I did last spring, I haven't touched my wheel in months - something I've been trying to remedy.  The Spinner's Book of Yarn Designs looks like just what I need!  I accidentally discovered a way to make boucle yarns (by forgetting which direction to spin one of the yarns I plied...), but I'm intrigued by instructions for 80 different yarns.  It'll be published January 29, 2012.

I love Noro yarns and always drool over the beautiful, colorful patterns in the Noro knitting books!  I'm no where near proficient enough at knitting to tackle any of them, but earlier this month Noro published a book of crochet designs.  Yes!  Crochet Noro is already on the way to me!  

And speaking of knitting ... I don't think I'm ready for these designs yet, but if you knit and need a project to start on for Christmas 2013, here's a great looking one.  The Twelve Knits of Christmas has all the figures from the song - if you make the correct number of each, you'll probably need to start now to get all of the figures done, though!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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