Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US!  I took the holiday weekend off, but wanted to give you something to make today. The small pinwheels in my center piece are by Cindy at Skip to My Lou here.  She has printable pinwheels in small, medium, and large available for printing and great instructions on putting the pinwheels together.  Wouldn't these be great to keep the kids busy with as they wait for barbecue or fireworks?  You could even use the pinwheels she provides as a template and have them color their own designs.  I saw a suggestion somewhere recently on using scrapbooking paper - those could look nice!

I didn't have any pencils or eraser caps and I wanted to put them on bamboo skewers anyway, so I came up with another method of attaching the pinwheel to the stick.

1.  When you have the pin (I used a florist's pin with a pearl on the end) through the little holes and the center and have put on the pony bead, use small nosed pliers to bend the pin 90 degrees down, just on the other side of the pony bead.

2.  Wrap a piece of tape loosely around the top of a skewer.  Colored tape would look pretty - I only had invisible tape handy.

3.  Insert the pin between the tape and the skewer all the way to the 90 degree bend.  Add another piece of tape to keep the pin securely attached.

You might have to fiddle with the bend angle in the pin to get the pinwheel to move in the breeze (or breath or the air coming out of the air conditioner vent!), but I got each one to work pretty easily.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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