Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Sewing - Handmade Gifts

If you wanted to make handmade Christmas gifts and are worrying there isn't enough time left, don't panic! Luckily there are several quick to make projects from past posts that make great presents and stocking stuffers - and are quick/easy.  I'm making quite a few!  Here's a run through for those new to the post.


This post was one of the first in the sewing lesson series.  With the way this winter is starting off in the northern parts of the country and Europe, a couple sets of nice flannel pillowcases may be very well appreciated.  There are some great flannel prints at Joann's right now.  Add a crocheted edging from this post.

Pajama Bottoms

Another early sewing lesson post.  These would pair well with the flannel pillowcases!

Felt Wallet

This would make a good money or gift card holder, also.  Pattern and instructions are found here.

Quilted Wine Carrier

Add a bottle of wine or a really good sparkling juice.  Instructions and pattern found here.

Quilted Headband

Pick a theme and make a few - rainbow of colors, days of the week, holidays, bouquet of different flowers, ...  Instructions and pattern found here.

 Coffee Cozy

Add a gift card to a coffee shop.  Instructions and pattern found here.

Lunch Bag

Add a gift card to the person's favorite high end or specialty grocery store.  As someone who's gluten intolerant, I know a certificate to a gluten free on-line store is always nice!  Pattern and instructions found here.

Candy Jar Table Runner

I've seen fabric lately of about every type/brand of candy you can think of!  Pick the person's favorite.  Patterns and instructions found here.

Flower Scarf

Crochet, not sewing, but if you crochet you might like the idea.  I designed this to be poinsettias, but am also making it with different colors of flowers.  Try purple petals and golden yellow centers for pansies or orange petals and black centers for poppies.  Instructions here.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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