Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Inspiration - Fiber Arts Network of Michigan Website

If you're like me, it's about time to get a cup of something hot and and take a break from finishing up those last holiday projects!  The gallery of the Fiber Arts Network of Michigan's website is a good place to spend some relaxing time looking at the creative endeavors of some very creative people.  Currently, artwork from fifteen artists is featured - click on the image and you'll go to an expanded page on that artist with a link to their home page.  My coffee break lasted over an hour!  Here's a sneak peek at some of what you'll see:

Jill Ault, Pods

Jill Ault has a beautiful piece of shibori shown.  Her website shows more shibori work, along with quilts from hand dyed fabrics and transparent quilts - very interesting.  If you're curious about shibori, look at this past Friday Inspiration here.

Martha Fieber, Fall Woods.

Be sure to look at Martha Fieber's website if you're at all interested in hand embroidery.  Her work is gorgeous!  Her nature scenes are a good example of how using many layers (of whatever medium you're working in) adds texture, depth, and interest to your artwork.  Seriously, these are amazing!

Loretta Oliver, Flower Bag.

I feel a connection to Loretta Oliver - both of us began our fiber arts journeys as children sewing doll clothes!  Mine were from felt and I've loved that medium ever since.  Loretta's website shows her versatility as a felt artist - vessels, clothing, sculptural work (the website is not linked to from FAN's page, so you'll need to link from here. 

Well, coffee's finished - back to quilting for me!

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