Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Project - Christmas Gift Tags

The quilting is done, the presents are wrapped - now for gift tags!  I've been looking for new gift tags for several weeks and haven't found anything I'm especially in love with.  So for me, that means I start thinking of something I can make.  I came up with two different types, both using felt - one uses photo fabric and the other felt and embellishments.  They're both quick and easy!

Fabric Gift Tags

*printed fabric sheet of tags (see below for your two choices)
*ribbon or embroidery floss

I created a sheet of gift tags that can be run off on printer fabric (if you're new to this technique, see this post) or on cover sheet and cut up.  I've put two files of the same tags up on my Google Docs.  One is a PowerPoint page - I like designing on PowerPoint.  If you download the original file, you can make any modifications to fit your printer or your taste in tags.  The file will say it's "Read Only" but you can save it under "Save As."  The PowerPoint file is here.

If you don't have PowerPoint available or if you just want to run off the page as it is, I scanned it as a PDF file that you will find  here.

1.  Cut the tags apart and sew with a zigzag stitch onto a piece of felt.  I just sewed a bunch on one piece of felt.

2.  Cut the tags apart, leaving a little bit of felt to "frame" them.  Pinking shears look nice!  Punch a hole in one corner and loop a piece of ribbon or embroidery floss through it.

Easy, huh?!  I wrote on them with a fine tip Sharpie.

The other ones are a little more work, but are something you can sit kids who are out of school (and already bored) down with and let them go at it.

*Embroidery thread
*Buttons, beads, sequins, ....
*Ribbon or embroidery floss

1.  Cut two tags the size you want them to be (again, pinking shears look nice).

2.  Sew on buttons, bead, sequins, pieces of felt .... anything you'd like to decorate the tag with.  To attach sequins, bring your needle up through the felt, put a sequin on, then a bead, and go down through the sequin again.

3.  Cut a piece of ribbon or embroidery floss.  Pin the two tag pieces together with the floss in a loop in between.  Sew around the edges with a zigzag stitch.

To write on these, first iron them to pack the felt down.  Then, using a regular sized Sharpie, write slowly.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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