Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Project - Star Garlands

Although I was supposed to be working on all those stockings, there were so many good college football games on Saturday I decided to find a good "couch project."  I found these wonderful granny stars at The Royal Sisters and followed the very clear tutorial to make garlands.  If you haven't discovered this blog yet, and you like to crochet, definitely spend some exploring it.  There's a darling granny tree garland I'm going to have to find the time to make.  The star tutorial is here.

Materials List:

*yarn - I decided to make my stars multicolored, so I found three colors of leftover worsted weight
*crochet hook - I used an H

Michelle has a great tutorial that is very easy to follow.  I used the edited third round where you use 4 double crochets and definitely recommend this.  Since Michelle lives in Australia, the instructions use British crochet terminology, however she has American terminology in parentheses.

I used three colors, switching after round 1 and after round 2.

In making the garland, I chained 30, attached the star with a single crochet and then chained 15 to the next star.

Then I wondered what the star would look like with size 10 crochet thread!  I used a size 5 steel hook and sewed a crystal onto the centers.

I'm planning another garland with these!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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