Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Sewing - Quilted Bib

I'm having a lot of fun playing around with free motion quilting!  I tried some that is more like thread painting on this bib for little c.  If you're new to free motion quilting, I explain the basics in this past post here.


*Pattern - get it here
*Top fabric
*Backing fabric- I like to use flannel on the back of bibs
*Fusible felt or quilt batting
*Bias tape - I didn't end up using the one I have in this photo!
*Velcro - I like using the iron-on type

1.  Cut the pattern out and tape together, matching letters on the dotted lines.

2.  Cut one from top fabric, one from backing fabric (reverse the pattern), and one from batting or fusible felt.

3.  Iron felt to backing fabric.

4.  Pin all pieces together.

5.  Free motion quilt holly leaves onto the front.  Practice a few times first on scrap material!  I found this gets a pretty cool thread painting look if you go over the lines a few times, giving it a "sketchy" look.

6.  Free motion quilt the berries.

7.  Free motion quilt the background - I used a random squiggle pattern.  Start in the middle of the bib and work toward the edges, then work down the narrow part, removing pins as you go.

8.  Pin on bias tape and sew into place.  If you haven't worked with this before, check out this past post here.

9.  Attach one inch pieces of Velcro.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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