Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Inspiration - Here We Go!

Today I have some inspiring Christmas themed fiber artworks to get you going as we enter the holiday season.

Kathleen Theriault, Father Christmas

Colorado batik artist Kathleen Theriault's website is a definite stop for inspiration!  Father Christmas is a good example of the fine details and exquisite batik technique in her work.  Her faces are amazing!  If you've ever tried batik, you know how difficult (uh - nearly impossible) this is.

I love molas and talked about them in this past Friday Inspiration.  This depiction of the Nativity was created by an unknown Kuna artist.  The website has lots of mola inspiration.  Someday I'm going to have to try one!

Unknown Kuna artist, Nativity.

I came across Murray Johnston's quilting some time ago and decided to save sharing her until now so I could show this beautiful quilt.  It's just a small taste of the gorgeous work she does and shows on her website.  I love how she works each little fabric piece in to the whole - it all meshes together beautifully.  And the quilting on the background isn't just to quilt the fabric, but really adds to the whole theme.  And wait until you see how she uses light in her forest quilts!  Very inspiring.

Murray Johnston, Snow Trees

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