Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Sewing - Christmas Candy Jar Tablerunner

Awhile back, I made bug jar quilts for a new baby and his big brother.  While I was working on them, I kept thinking how cute a table runner with Christmas candy in jars would look.  I had great plans to immediately make that right after the quilts - yeah.  Something always comes up!  It's finished now and I love it!

The pattern and detailed instructions are in my original bug jar quilt post here and here (it was a two part series).  I also show you how to begin freestyle quilting in this past post.

Materials List:

*1 yard front and backing fabric- I used the same for the front and the back.  If you use different fabrics, get a 1/2 yard of each.
*Christmas candy fabric - fat quarters work fine here.
*jar lid fabric - you only need a tiny bit of this.
*batting or fusible felt - I'm loving fusible felt!  I used it for this project.
*Steam a Seam 2 or other fusible fabric bond
*bias tape

1.  Cut front and backing fabric pieces 18" x 36".

2.  Print out the bug jar pattern.  Trace four jars and four lids onto the fusible side of Steam a Seam 2.  Peel off the backing paper and iron onto the wrong side of your fabric.

3.  Cut out.

4.  Peel off the backing paper and position on your front fabric.  To help in doing this, I drew a line down the middle of the fabric with chalk.  Place the first two jars w/lids on 4 1/2 inches from the top, 4 1/2 inches from the bottom, and 1 inch away from the center line.  Place the next jars 2 inches from the first jars.

5.  Iron into place.  Use a tight zigzag stitch and sew around the raw edges of the jars and the lids.  Cut a 18"x36" piece of batting or fusible felt.  If you're using the felt, iron it to the front piece - if you're using batting, layer this below the front piece.  Put your backing fabric on the bottom and pin to hold everything in place.

6.  Quilt.  I used my free motion foot and quilted around the jars and around the individual candies in the jars.  I then quilted a free style Christmas tree and random loops pattern for the background.

7.  Trim edges to make them even again and round corners.  I do this by folding the fabric in half and cutting two corners at a time.

8.  Pin on bias tape and sew into place.  If you haven't used bias tape before or aren't sure how to attach the ends, see this past post here.  Iron and you're done!

Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers and Happy Creating to everyone!  Deborah

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  1. The fabric you chose for the jars is so cute and makes them really look like jars! Great project.