Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Sewing - Kitten Toys!

I found The {New New} Blog's post on making mouse cat toys just in time!  One of my sons and his wife just adopted two kittens, so I got busy and made mice from old denim (one of my favorite fabrics) and an animal print fleece remnant.  Link to the instructions here.  I have the pattern I drew up here for you plus a pattern for a bug cat toy.  Old suit material and corduroy also work well for cat toys.

The instructions are easy to follow - I just have a couple of photos to help clarify.  When braiding the tail pieces, it helps to tape them to something like a counter before braiding.  You can stand back and pull the yarn pieces straight while braiding.  I also found it easier to make one long braid and then cut it into the size of pieces I needed.  Tying two knots and cutting between them keeps your braid from coming undone.

When embroidering the nose and eyes and attaching the ears, put a pencil inside the mouse to push your needle against.

Bug Cat Toy:

Using the pattern, cut two body pieces from brightly colored felt and one set of fangs.  Cut two small circles for eyes.  Make a long braid using three colors of yarn, about a yard each.  Cut into 3 pieces of about 6 or 7 inches each.

With a zigzag stitch (set at a width of 3 on a Brother machine), sew legs into place on the bottom piece, like in the photo below.

On the top piece, embroider on eyes using a blanket stitch.

Lay fangs along mouth edge of piece that has legs sewn on.  Pin top piece on.

Using a straight machine stitch, sew around bug leaving in about 1/4 inch from edge and leaving about 1 inch open on the bottom.  Stuff with fiberfill, catnip, or a mixture of both.

Pin edge you left open and sew.

Have The Boss test it out ....

.... and she approves!

Okay Angus and Clemmentine!  The package is on its way!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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  1. These are AWESOME! I love the bug toy! Clem and Angus are going to Loooove them!