Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Inspiration - Craftsmanship 2010

One of the best parts of my is week viewing the new exhibits in the Harry Wood Gallery at Arizona State University.  Craftsmanship 2010, the annual Arizona Designer Craftsmen Juried Exhibition is currently showing through September 17th and if you're in the Phoenix area it's worth your while.  While all the pieces are inspiring, there are three quilts by Arizona artist Claire Gimber that especially inspire me.

The first two show how art is not only influenced by inspiring scenes and events, but also from those that touch us in sadder ways.  Black Oil Blue Day and Black Oil Blue Day II are quilted from hand dyed and painted as well as commercially bought fabrics and tell a story of the Gulf oil spill and the patterns made by the oil and toxic dispersants.

Black Oil Blue Day, Claire Gimber

Black Oil Blue Day II, Claire Gimber

I love the patterns in both and the depth in Black Oil, Blue Day II is amazing.

Her other piece, Southwest Tattoo Bird, came about from wondering what birds would look like if they tattooed themselves.

Southwest Tattoo Bird, Claire Gimber

Claire has more quilts on her blog site here.  Another in her Black Oil Blue Day series will be part of the SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) benefit auction that begins on September 20th.  Even if you can't bid on a quilt, take a look at the 280 quilts being offered.  There's sure to be a few that inspire you!

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