Monday, March 26, 2018

SJ Designs March Challenge

Whoa - it's hard to believe that March is almost over!  It's time for the newest reveal from Sarajo Wentling's jewelry design challenge.  This month's inspiration was a photo of a window taken by her husband. 

Eric Wentling
It's funny how often two or more of the challenges I participate in have similar themes - this time a monochromatic color scheme.  Erin's was black and white (read about what I did here), this one browns and rusts.  You can read more about the photograph and see her beautiful take on this month's them on Sarajo's blog here.

Loving color as much as I do, I really thought this month's challenges would be too difficult for me to come up with something I really liked.  I was wrong!  I ended up making two pieces that I'll be wearing over and over!  The first is a necklace using one of the new butterfly pendants I've been working on.  I actually didn't glaze the butterfly to be a part of this month's jewelry, but when it came out of the kiln I knew I had to use it.

The metal is copper, black beads are glass, and the queen anne's lace ovals are by me. 

The second piece is a pair of earrings using black titanium earwires, copper, and star beads I made in January.

The butterflies should be in the shop with the next update, so far planned for this coming Friday.  There is one star bead left and two queen anne's lace ovals.  Also, all winter beads are 20% off - I will be holding any orders until Friday so if you want to order any of the new beads you'll only have one shipping fee charged.  And all winter beads will be gone by Friday!

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. Wow! I LOVE that butterfly that you made!! Amazing and I'm just swooning for the overall necklace. The star earrings are super adorable too. Thanks for playing along with us again this month! I hope you'll check back on April 2 to see what Eric has in store next.

  2. I love it when timing on something like this works out perfectly. The butterfly is amazing!

  3. Thank you! I've been working on them for a couple of months and finally got the right combinations of stains and glazes.