Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Song of the Sea Knitted Cowl

I recently finished a fun knit for a Flash Knit Along with an on-line knitting group I belong to.  Song of the Sea Cowl has two versions - the longer one that loops twice and the snug version that is, well more snug.  I knit the snug version - it's not choking snug, but has a nice fit around the neck to keep those chilly spring breezes from going down my coat.  The pattern calls for fingering yarn, but after reading the feedback from people who started earlier than I did, I opted for DK weight (some discontinued Tosh Merino DK Opaline I had in my stash), which makes a bit tighter of a fabric.

When you buy the pattern, you get many versions!  I knitted from the English version 3a.  The original version began at the tiny waves, which many people felt was more difficult than ending with them.  I had no problem ending with them, so they might be right!  I also used the alternate border (the "mistake" rib) to avoid what some felt was a floppy edge - something I definitely don't like in cowls.

I have to say, this was really fun!  Watching the differing sizes of waves come together was fascinating and about the time I was tired of knitting one size, it was on to the next.  The pattern was easy to remember, making this a good knit for not having to devote my whole concentration to.

Right now I'm finishing up another knit along and then it's back to my Forest Wrap!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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