Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Recycled Yarn

Happy Earth Day 2015!  If you're a knitter and wondering about recycled yarns, I've been looking at a few this week and have some possibilities for you.

Lion Brand offers a recycled cotton yard made from the scraps of fabric that are left when t-shirts are cut out.  This is always something I've wished I could do with all the scraps left when I cut out patterns!  I've used this and it is very soft - it crocheted up into a nice, snuggly baby blanket.

Rowan's Purelife Revive is a cotton, silk, and viscose yarn created from recycled garments.  I might have to order some of this - it has the look of a nice soft yarn that would be great for summer tops and comes in nice colors.

Berroco offers Remix, a yarn from recycled fibers - nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk, and linen.  Like the Revive above, this looks to be a good yarn for hotter weather garments and also has a good selection of color choices.

Paradise Fibers offers skeins of silk yarn made from the leftovers from making saris.  It's very colorful!

If you've always liked the idea of recycling yarn from knit garments but haven't wanted to do all that tedious unwinding yourself, check out these possibilities!  The Green Yarn Company is a group of women who offer already recycled yarn from discarded garments.  Their selection varies tremendously.

And Penelope's Fine Yarns Etsy shop offers cashmere yarns from recycled sweaters.  If you love to knit with cashmere and don't like the high prices of cashmere yarn (who does?!), this yarn is significantly less expensive!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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