Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An April Fool's Wednesday

I got up this morning all excited to try out some different free motion quilting patterns, see which one looked best on the pinwheel scrap quilt I've been working on, and then spending the day getting started ..... however, it was not to be.  In a freak incident, a quilting pin went down a hole in my sewing machine's presser plate and lodged in very tightly.  I don't know if that in itself would have derailed my plans for the day because I decided to take the presser plate off and see if I could get the pin out.  I couldn't.  And after I replaced the presser plate, the thread no longer went into nice stitches, but instead bunched up around the bobbin.  Even after rethreading everything, turning the machine off and on, and taking the presser plate off and making sure all parts were in place - several times.  So my poor machine is at the repair shop and the pinwheel scrap quilt sits off to the side.

And now I have a knitting day!  I have three projects currently on my needles, including the laceweight shawl that I swear is going to take me a decade to finish - after awhile of stockingnette in tiny yarn I have to take breaks with something bigger.

I've been mainly working on this piece in gorgeous Madelinetosh ocean colors .... and day dreaming of everything I'll do when I get to the Oregon coast this summer.

Come to think of it, the lace work I have going is also in ocean colors!  This time Malabrigo.

I'll post more completely about them when finished .... which may not be in too long if my machine does not get to come home soon!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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