Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine Wool Applique Mat

I got hooked on working with wool applique a year ago last fall and now have several projects planned for this year.  Here's the first!  It's a Valentine's Day themed wool mat that uses a simple blanket stitch and works up pretty quickly.  

*2 9x12 inch pieces of tan wool
*small amounts of red, pink, cream, and green wool
*perle embroidery thread - sizes 5 and 12
*8 buttons
*applique patterns (print in landscape) found here

1.  Cut four large hearts and four small hearts from the red wool, four large hearts and four small hearts from the pink wool, and four leaves from the green wool.  Pin the large hearts and leaves on one piece of the tan wool and sew in place with the size 12 perle thread and a blanket stitch.  Sew a short leaf vein on each leaf using an outline stitch.  Pin small hearts on the large hearts and sew in place, also with a blanket stitch.

2.  Cut a flower from the cream felt and a small circle from the pink felt.  Sew in place using a blanket stitch.

3.  Sew a button onto the center of each heart.

4.  Pin the second piece of tan wool to the front and sew together with the size 5 perle thread, using a blanket stitch.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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