Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine Applique Sweatshirt

It's February and Valentine's Day is quickly approaching!  And all those Valentine ideas I had after Christmas .... yeah, it seemed like there were eons to work on them, but not so much!  I've managed a couple of them, though.

This sweatshirt goes together fairly quickly.  The image is from Graphics Fairy and is found here.  I added a crocheted edging after finishing the heart's edges, but if you don't crochet, it'll look great even without it.

*dove image from Graphics Fairy
*photo fabric and Steam-a-Seam II or a photo fabric with iron-on adhesive already on the back
*size 5 perle thread
*size 10 crochet thread and a size 7 crochet hook (optional)

1.  Print out the dove image.  Cut out in a heart shape - I made a paper heart first to get the right size and then traced it onto the fabric with the dove image.

2.  Iron the heart onto the sweatshirt.

3.  Sew around the edge of the heart with the perle thread, using a blanket stitch and making the stitches close together.  If you use a photo fabric that has an iron on backing, it might be heavy enough that pulling the needle through is difficult.  If this happens to me, I use small pliers to pull the needle.

4.  Attach the crochet thread to the top dip of the heart.  Chain 1 and then single crochet in each blanket stitch, putting two single crochets in each stitch on either side of the heart's point.  Join to the chain 1 stitch.  Chain 4, skip the next stitch.  Continue in this pattern around the heart.  At the point of the heart, don't skip a stitch before doing your next chain 4, to give an extra chain 4.  Fasten off.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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