Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Craftsman Gingko Table Scarf

A few months ago while researching Craftsman fiberart designs, I came across this antique table scarf from the early 1900's done at Stickley's (see more about him here) Craftsman Workshops.  Here's my version of it!

*linen - how long your scarf is depends on what type of table you're planning on using it for
*green fabric for the leaves - I used different shades of ice dyed fabric
*green size 5 perle embroidery cotton
*white embroidery floss
*Steam-a-Seam II Lite
*Gingko leaf pattern
   Print pattern in landscape

1.  Hem the edges of the linen - see this past post for how to make a mitered hem.

2.  Trace pattern onto Steam-a-Seam II Lite 15 times.  Attach to wrong side of green fabric and cut out the leaf shapes.

3.  Fold and lightly iron the linen into quarters to help you place the gingko leaves symmetrically.

4.  Attach leaves at each end and in the middle.  Iron into place.

5.  Embroidery around the edges of each leaf using a blanket stitch.  Draw in the stem lines and small triangles.

6.  Sew solid triangles using the white embroidery floss.

7.  Using a straight edge, draw a line across each end - 1 inch up from the bottom and 1 inch in from each side.  The original also had a line embroidered across each long side, but I felt it looked too boxy on mine so I only included the short edge line.

8.  Embroider along stem lines, around the white triangles, and along the bottom lines with an outline stitch.

Here are two views of the finished scarf:

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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