Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunflower Inspired Afghan Finish

Summer's gone and my sunflower afghan is finished ... I used a cotton/linen blend (Knitpick's Cotlin) so it should be a good weight for Arizona this autumn and for Oregon next summer.  See this post for the motif and this post for joining the squares together.

I wanted this to be a lap sized afghan - something the right size for snuggling up with on the sofa - so I made it 10 by 6 squares in size.  After all squares were connected it looked like this.

To add the edging, attach Swan in one of the corners, chain three (counts as one double crochet), and make two more double crochets.

The next part is similar to when you were attaching the squares together.  Skip the next two stitches and make one group of three double crochets.  Skip the next three stitches and make another group of three double crochets.  Continue in this way across the first square, then make a group of three double crochets in the chain three space and in the corner of the next square.  Continue across the whole edge until you reach the corner.  For the corner, make three double crochets, chain two, and make three more double crochets.  Continue around the whole afghan, slip stitching in the top of the first chain you made to join.  Finish off.

Add one more round of edging with Butter the same way you completed the first round.

And this morning we actually are at 64 degrees here in Phoenix - I really did finish the afghan just in time!  Happy Autumn! 

Maple leaves on our Oregon farm

Happy Creating!  Deborah