Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quilted Snowflakes

So, I had this idea for colorful snowflakes - did not turn out to be these!  I was originally going to quilt them in several colors of thread, like I did with the quilted leaves I made last year, but they really look better with just the white - colder looking, more wintry.  These make good coasters, but I also have them tossed around the table as decorations - like I was doing with the leaves!  The quilted table mat can be found here.

*fat quarter of backing fabric
*fat quarter of fabric for the snowflakes (I used a sparkly white)
*fusible felt
*either Steam-A-Seam II (lite) or spray quilting adhesive
*pattern for large snowflake found here
*pattern for backing found here

1.  Cut out two backings for each snowflake you are making.  For the snowflakes, there are two ways to attach them to the backing - and which method you use determines how you will cut them out.  If you're not making too many or have allergy/chemical problems with spray adhesives (like me), you'll be using the Steam-A-Seam II (lite).  Trace a snowflake onto one side and attach to the wrong side of the snowflake fabric.  Cut out.  If you'll be making quite a few of the snowflakes, you might want to use the spray adhesive.  That way you can stack up a layer of the snowflake fabric and use the pattern to cut them all out at once.  Once they're cut out, turn them upside down and spray the wrong side.

2.  After you have cut out the backing pieces, trim about 1/4 inch from each side and use the now smaller pattern to cut out a piece of fusible felt.  Iron to attach to the wrong side of one backing piece.

3.  Attach snowflake to the right side of the other backing piece.  Pin the two backing pieces together.

4.  Stitch around the edges of the snowflake with a very small zigzag stitch.

5.  Stitch around the edges of the backing.

6.  Trim edges and you're done!

I still want to make some colorful snowflakes - I have a couple of ideas to work on!

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. Josie says these are pretty and wants some for her tea I suppose I shall be busy with those later, fortunately she will only need four :-). Off to go find some blue and sparkly white...I'm sure there is some in my bins!

  2. This is a lovely idea. I like to put coasters on the table just as decoration. As we have a think layer of snow this morning. I might cut some fabric ...

    Have a nice day. Regula

  3. Could you do like Elenore Burns does with her applique pieces and stitch the top and bottom together with right sides facing all the way around. Then make a slit to turn. Stuff in the fusible felt using tweezers or hemostats to even out. Then add the snowflake and stitching.

    1. I'm not familiar with her technique, but I've found there are usually several ways to accomplish the same goal in working with fibers. Choose the one you're most comfortable with that works for you!