Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Inspiration - Denise Labadie

Dun Aengus Stone Fort, 2006
While looking for inspirational art that uses the principle of value, I ran across Denise Labadie's amazing quilts.  Denise has some of the best control of using light and dark to give her quilts depth, perspective, and super realism that I think I've ever seen!  In fact, when I first saw Dun Aengus Stone Fort, I had to be convinced that it wasn't a photography.  Denise dyes her own fabrics and then uses the same technique as a mason to built her walls - one stone at a time from the bottom up.

Trinity Stone Ruin, 2009

Much of her inspiration comes from the ancient stones and ruins of Ireland.  Read about why in her artist's statement here.  In fact, there's lots of enjoyable reading and viewing on her website, including photos of her beautiful studio - an inspiration in itself!

I'm working on a quilt that plays light against dark - nothing at all at the level of Denise's artwork, but fun none the less.  Hopefully I'll have some previews for you next week.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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