Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Sewing - Denim Crazy Quilt

Okay - I'm still working on denim crazy quilting!  I've wanted to make a whole crazy quilt from denim for awhile now.  Something that can actually be used and easily washed - I wasn't sure hand embroidery, beading, etc. would work for that.  However, after making the denim placemats last weekend, I decided to make a quilt using some of the same techniques.  I'm taking advantage of all the decorative stitches my machine has and am using machine stitching over the seams.  And sewing on lace and patches that can take machine washing.

These are the first two I've done.  I'm not totally sure they're finished, though.  I'm just so used to crazy quilt squares being heavily embellished and these look a little plain!  I think I'll wait until I have several done, sew them together and see what they look like with neighbors.

If you're new to making crazy quilt squares, see this past post.

Happy Creating!  Deborah