Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Project - Felted Pancakes

Okay - now pretend breakfast is complete when little c visits!  After several tries at pancakes, I've come up with felting them.  You can find a basic felting tutorial here.

*light tan fleece - merino felts well
*small amount of yellow fleece
*felting materials - see basic felting tutorial

1.  Make three layers of pulled out fleece fiber - I made mine about 8 inches square.  Remember to alternate the direction of the layers.  Felt.

2.  After the stage where you rub the fleece with a wadded up plastic bag, add a small amount of yellow fleece (to represent butter) to the middle.  Put the sports shirt fabric on top and rub again.

3.  Trim felted squares into a rough circle.

4.  After rinsing, put the pancakes in the washer with soap and an old towel or pair of jeans. 

You'll end up with these great pancakes!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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