Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Inspiration - Joy Kampia O'Shell

One of my sons recently introduced me to the website of an amazing crochet artist, Joy Kampia O'Shell.  There should be a warning here - viewing her site may cause you to become very hungry!  Joy learned to crochet in the 10th grade from a teacher at school, reinforcing that you never know how far the kids you teach a fiber art to will run with it.  After graduating with a studio art degree, she turned her main artistic focus to crocheting fiber art sculpture.  Her artist statement is definitely worth a read.

Dinner for Eight is a complex piece of eight complete dinners - all crocheted, along with the table settings.  There's just something so cool about dinner artwork - probably because dinner's the highlight of my day! 

Dinner for Eight, April 2005

After spending time this week on new felt food for the play kitchen, I especially liked Breakfast Meal

Breakfast Meal, April 2005

Hamburger Dress, April 2005

Joy's website has a lot of fun pieces to spend time examining!  But wait .... she doesn't just create food.  She also crochets clothing that is food.  Really!  You have to go look at the sundae dress!  I love her hamburger dress - fyi, it is sold and she doesn't make copies of her art.

Very inspiring - and yes, it does make us hungry!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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